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SUNY Under Siege

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Organizing for the Future of UAlbany, SUNY, and Public Education




This page represents the efforts of a coalition of groups in Albany, NY committed to the defense of publicly-funded state education.  This group of faculty, students, staff, labor organizations, community groups, and others began organizing a series of events culminating in a large public rally in connection with the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education  on Oct. 7, 2010. On October 1, George Philip, the President at the University at Albany, announced a series of massive cuts to the University, which included plans to eliminate 160 full-time positions, and the deactivation of five programs: French, Italian, Russian, Theater, and Classics. These measures are among a broader array of programs, services, and personnel reductions at the University at Albany, offering a glimpse of the magnitude of the assault on public education and throwing into stark relief what we stand to lose if this trend continues.


See our Statement of Principles for a full analysis of the situation.


We will use this page to post the following:


We know that the diminishing state funding for public education is of grave concern to citizens not only here in New York, but around the country and the world.  We invite you to join our efforts to reverse the program closures, to protect other academic programs that may be targeted, and to insist on publicly funded solutions to the crisis facing the University at Albany, the SUNY System, and public education more broadly.


To contact us, or to be added to our e-mail list, send a message to fight4publiceducation@gmail.com.


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